Miami New Times // LoKal’s Doughnut Burger Now Uses a Salty Donut Creation

Matthew Kuscher’s doughnut burger was around long before his eatery LoKal opened its Coconut Grove doors in December 2011.

“I grew up in a Dunkin’ Donuts that my dad owned in the ’80s,” he says. “That’s when they were making doughnuts from scratch. I actually hated them, so my siblings would make burgers with doughnuts because that’s the only way they’d get me to eat them.”

The Salty Donut altered its traditional glazed buttermilk doughnut to make it just right for Kuscher’s vision. Before the Salty Donut came along, Kuscher used Krispy Kreme’s traditional glazed variety for the burger’s bun.

“Matt and his team knew exactly what they wanted,” says Andy Rodriguez, cofounder of the Salty Donut. “So Max Santiago, our pastry chef, made a few different versions until we had it perfect.”

Because the Salty Donut’s doughnuts are thicker and doughier than Krispy Kreme’s, Santiago adjusted his recipe, making the dough lighter and airier. “Max did some tweaks with the gluten development, the proofing, and a few other things to get it to where it was exactly what they needed,” Rodriguez says.

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Chef Max Santiago

Executive Pastry Chef and Artisanal Donut Connoisseur with 23 years of culinary experience. Co-founder of Miami's first craft donut shop. StarChef Rising Star and Sugar Showdown Champion. Pastry to me, is another form of art.

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