Chef Max Santiago

Chef Max Santiago

Executive Pastry Chef and Artisanal Donut Connoisseur with 23 years of culinary experience. Co-founder of Miami's first craft donut shop. StarChef Rising Star and Sugar Showdown Champion. Pastry to me, is another form of art.

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Have You Tried Max’s Sugar Glazed Donut Recipe?

Whether you are about to begin your home cook culinary career or have been a pastry chef for decades, you need the very best sugar glaze you can possibly develop. Finding a sugar glazed donut recipe can be a pretty challenging affair. Some sugar glazed donut recipes are too soft or too buttery ...

My All-time Favorite Blackberry Jam Filling

I’m a true believer that there is nothing better than a homemade jam. You just can’t buy the same quality and flavor as making it from scratch with fresh, seasonal fruit. The biggest problem is most recipes out there are not the best, and most people do not know how a proper jam/ ...

Here’s How To Make The Perfect Yeast Raised Doughnuts

This is my go to recipe for yeast raised doughnut dough. It works so well and is very easy to work with! One of the things that makes this dough so great is how soft it is. It’s best to use cold because of how soft and sticky the dough is. This results in a much softer, more moist product. ...

Rainbow Donuts at Sugar Factory!

Just wait until you see the inside of Sugar Factory's Rainbow Doughnuts!😱

Eater New York // Sugar Factory Is About to Roll Out Doughnuts from a Hot Miami Chef All Over NYC

Originally posted by Eater New York // 

Celebrity favorite sweets chain Sugar Factory is about to open a slew of standalone doughnut shops with pastries from a Miami chef with a crazy cult following.

The Drake- and Kardashian-approved chain will start by opening a nearly 80-seat Upper West Side doughnut bar called Sugar Factory Artisanal Doughnut and Coffee Bar at 1991 Broadway and an outpost in the Gansevoort Market. The UWS location will open in June says a spokesperson, with plans to open several more doughnut and coffee bars across the city.

All creations will be by Chef Max Santiago, a longtime Miami pastry chef whose doughnuts regularly drew long lines when he worked with the team at The Salty Donut. Its most popular doughnut, a cannoli flavor with cream in the middle, won the Cooking Channel’s competition TV show “Sugar Showdown,” and the Salty Donut team basically launched the doughnut craze in Miami with flavors like maple bacon and creme brulee. Santiago left The Salty Donut in March and is now spearheading the menu for Sugar Factory’s expansion.

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Gothamist // Wow, These Insane-Looking Doughnuts Are Also Delicious

Originally posted by Gothamist // Scott Lynch in Food // July 26, 2017 It's not surprising that Sugar Factory's new "Artisanal Donuts and Coffee Bar" on the Upper West Side would sell over-the-top, aggressively-photo-friendly pastries. After all, this is a restaurant chain that spends far ...

Metro // Of course these cartoon doughnuts come from Sugar Factory

The Sugar Factory has launched an Artisanal Donuts & Coffee Bar in NYC, and your Instagram is about to be nothing but these insane cartoon doughnuts. [read more at]

Times Square Chronicles // Sweet Donut Delights at Sugar Factory

Get ready New York City. The Big Apple is taking a big bite out of donuts on the Upper West Side. The fantastic Sugar Factory has now opened their first artisanal donut and coffee bar, and lovers of the delights are full of praises for the delicious treats. Sugar Factory American Brasserie and ...

TimeOut // Sugar Factory just launched an Artisanal Donut and Coffee Bar

Sugar Factory has launched an Artisanal Donut and Coffee Bar in its Upper West Side restaurant, and the colorful offerings are a feast for the eyes and tummy. The dessert spot has also collaborated with Miami-based MdoughW to release two special treats that will only be available during ...

Eater New York // Cotton Candy Reaches Epidemic Status in NYC

Celeb-loving dessert palace Sugar Factory has opened an outpost on the Upper West Side called Artisanal Donuts and Coffee Bar, and with it comes a new chef and gonzo novelty foods like cotton candy-topped doughnuts. Despite the name change, this new store at 1991 Broadway is a carbon copy, ...