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One thing I realized early in my career is that there are many different versions of recipes for any exact same dessert. I decided to make it my mission to compile the list of the absolute best recipes of as many different varieties of desserts as possible.

In my blog I will be sharing what I consider the best tried and true recipes of all of the desserts I’ve prepared in my over 23 years as a Pastry Chef! What took me thousands of man hours and blood, sweat and tears will be right at your disposal. It will save you loads of work and I guarantee every single dessert I post will be true and authentic! If for any reason a recipe doesn’t work out for you Please reach out to me and I will personally walk you through it.  

Each week, on Friday, I will be sharing a tried and true recipe with pictures and tips aimed at the adventurous home cook/pastry enthusiast. My hope is that you try them for yourselves and share with me your comments and personal results and thoughts! 

I hope you enjoy you join me for this next chapter in my Pastry journey!

Have You Tried Max’s Sugar Glazed Donut Recipe?

Whether you are about to begin your home cook culinary career or have been a pastry chef for decades, you need the very best sugar glaze you can possibly develop. Finding a sugar glazed donut recipe can be a pretty challenging affair. Some sugar glazed donut recipes are too soft or too buttery ...

My All-time Favorite Blackberry Jam Filling

I’m a true believer that there is nothing better than a homemade jam. You just can’t buy the same quality and flavor as making it from scratch with fresh, seasonal fruit. The biggest problem is most recipes out there are not the best, and most people do not know how a proper jam/ ...

Here’s How To Make The Perfect Yeast Raised Doughnuts

This is my go to recipe for yeast raised doughnut dough. It works so well and is very easy to work with! One of the things that makes this dough so great is how soft it is. It’s best to use cold because of how soft and sticky the dough is. This results in a much softer, more moist product. ...