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Eater New York // Sugar Factory Is About to Roll Out Doughnuts from a Hot Miami Chef All Over NYC

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Celebrity favorite sweets chain Sugar Factory is about to open a slew of standalone doughnut shops with pastries from a Miami chef with a crazy cult following.

The Drake- and Kardashian-approved chain will start by opening a nearly 80-seat Upper West Side doughnut bar called Sugar Factory Artisanal Doughnut and Coffee Bar at 1991 Broadway and an outpost in the Gansevoort Market. The UWS location will open in June says a spokesperson, with plans to open several more doughnut and coffee bars across the city.

All creations will be by Chef Max Santiago, a longtime Miami pastry chef whose doughnuts regularly drew long lines when he worked with the team at The Salty Donut. Its most popular doughnut, a cannoli flavor with cream in the middle, won the Cooking Channel’s competition TV show “Sugar Showdown,” and the Salty Donut team basically launched the doughnut craze in Miami with flavors like maple bacon and creme brulee. Santiago left The Salty Donut in March and is now spearheading the menu for Sugar Factory’s expansion.

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Eater New York // Kardashian-Approved Doughnuts Roll Out Tomorrow — and More Intel

Tomorrow, Drake- and Kardashian-approved Sugar Factory will open an 80-seat Upper West Side doughnut bar called Sugar Factory Artisanal Donuts and Coffee Barat 1991 Broadway. The eight variations of yeast doughnuts are created by Max Santiago, a Miami pastry chef whose doughnuts drew lines ...

Miami New Times // Former Salty Donut Pastry Chef Max Santiago Joins the Sugar Factory

The first Sugar Factory Artisanal Doughnut & Coffee Bar is expected to open two locations in Manhattan, on the Upper West Side and at the Gansevoort Market, and one in Los Angeles. A Sugar Factory doughnut shop might open in Miami too, but nothing has been confirmed yet. For now, Santiago is ... // The former Salty Donut chef takes his talents to South Beach

Max Santiago, the chef who helped found the artisanal Wynwood doughnut shop The Salty Donut, will be creating the pastries, sweets — and, yes, doughnuts — for all 19 locations of Sugar Factory American Brasserie.  Things have gone from salty to sour to sweet for the pastry chef who split from ...